Thursday, 29 August 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Tropical

One of the most unique trends of the moment is the tropical trend. I already posted on street trends picking up on the Hawaiian style prints but now the high street giants have adopted the style too. This trend has been big throughout the summer but I want to stress that it is not disappearing quite yet, put the shorts to the back and bring out the trousers - keeping the tropics alive!

I purchased a gorgeous pair from Motel. The first thing I've noticed is that they can be so diverse! You can put on a pair of nude or black heels and all of a sudden they are glam, or you could stick on some sandals and they are summer casual wear. The pinky shade is very complimentary in the summer when your skin is bronzing and the turned up bottom is ideal for the warmer weather. They are not thick jeans, instead a soft jean fabric ideal for spring through to autumn. 

When i first saw these leaf printed Topshop pieces I instantly fell in love. They included a jumpsuit, shorts and a top. I really wanted the shorts as they were high waisted, floaty and incredibly flattering on a curvier figure like my own. Problem was, many other Topshop fans found this as-well as size 10's disappeared like hot cakes! The bold leaf pattern with quite a narrow colour palette is more unique as it stands out from the standard tropical floral patterns.

Below is a gorgeous pair of tropical trousers by Kookai and sold also on ASOS. These tropical beauties are another pair of trousers that can be worn in many diverse ways. Other items are sold in the range to accompany the trousers. The array of colours in contrast to the Topshop jumpsuit is amazing, the different shades of greens with the blues, reds and pinks really add a great touch and make these trousers stand out from the crowd. I like the cigarette cut and the fitting to the leg although I usually like to wear skinny fit. The pocket framing adds an extra contrasting touch and the pattern is both detailed and seasonal.

I have shown below an example of some slightly more expensive palm tree trousers, by Michael Kors. I love the simple yet effective pattern seen on these jeans, making them stand out from other pairs. There is quite a lot of white showing through, drawing attention to the intricate detailing. The jeans are a skinny cut and made for the more 'leggy' woman, looking great with heels or boots.

Finally, a bold attempt from River Island, probably my least favourites due to the colour combination. I like brighter and paler colours for summer trends rather than the use of black and rich colours. I like the pattern and the yellow leaf is an approach we haven't seen on any of the others. They are a harem pant style, ideal material for leaving the summer and meeting the autumn. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Skirts

So I was taking a browse through Topshop earlier looking at the skirt section. I'm so in love with all of the different types of skirts that are on offer at present, ideal for every figure. They have got a lovely selection of body-con knee length pencil style skirts as seen with the Denim and the Motel printed skirt. This type of skirt is probably my favourite right now as it's ideal for the merging of seasons. They are cool enough for summer but covered enough for the cooler weather. Midi skirts are ideal for the fuller figure as they exhibit your curves and make your legs look shapely and feminine. Topshop are currently stocking a selection of reasonably priced midi skirts. 
Faux Leather was massive over A/W 2012 and it's not ready to leave us yet! I was a massive fan of the black dominatrix themes seen last year and I can't wait to add a touch of it to my wardrobe post summer in 2013. Boutique is selling some lovely pieces right now with real leather, such as the pencil skirt shown below. Black is always in, and the hem tube skirts are very popular much the same as the midi skirts - they are versatile and can be worn throughout the year, dressed up or down. 
Maxi skirts always become popular in the summer, a light garment to cover up in those warm evenings. Ideal for any summer holiday and flattering for any figure. Many feel comfortable in a flowing maxi dress and the two I have presented below both have many great features. The floral piece is a similar style to the hem tube skirt in that it has a chiffon leg length, the two slits add some sexuality, transforming a standard maxi skirt into something more risque. The green number has a wrap feel with one slit, perhaps a more comfortable and safe bet, still beautiful with a crop top or strap top. 
The final skirt trend seen on our high street is the always reliable skater skirt. I have shown two examples of short skater skirts, one with a graphic print the other layered and lacey. The other skirt is a slightly more unusual trend, the printed calf skater. The skater is ideal for those with nice legs, they hide anything around the middle whilst pulling you in at the waist - very flattering!
Feel free to comment if you want any advice on skirt types and body shapes! 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Boots

Katy's current tips: get ahead and grab yourself a pair of A/W boots

Boots are a key part of anybodies Autumn/Winter but this year in particular we have seen a massive selection of boots released for the A/W market. From feminine stiletto style all the way to military; there is a style for everyone. 

We are seeing a rise in the chunky heel and the outer buckle. Texture and layers are making a comeback with the use of skins and pattern at the forefront. There are a wide selection of ankle boots on the high street, they are looking to be more popular than the classic knee high. 

Casual boots are known as the most versatile type of any footwear. Designers are creating more and more diverse silhouettes, from the classic Chelsea boot through to the platformed cut out boots we are seeing more of this year. High heels and boots have collided, with a range of heeled ankle boots hitting the high streets; transforming the military trends of 2012. 

When choosing a colour, black is always a safe bet. With the array of materials being used to texture the boots the straight black boot can now be much more interesting. Oxblood red and Deep Ink blue have set the moody trends for A/W 2013 and I personally love both of the shades. 

Menswear is seeing the merging of colours such as the Dr Martins and the Ted Bakers shown on the image. The mens ranges of boots are also versatile and dynamic, there is a big trend in military style boots, more clean cut than those in 2012. The rustic look is no longer a priority and a new polished pair of chunky Martins may just do the job. Men also have the choice of the smarter ankle boot such as the Jeffrey West Cuban boot shown on the image. 

This winter we will see the knee high boot turn towards skin and fur. Exotic skins and a deep rich palette will keep this long silhouette classy and chic. 

So when the weather turns for the worst, there's really no need to step down from your platforms or your wedges, just pop your foot into a boot. This way we all get to keep warm whilst 3 inches off the ground; heat does rise after-all. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Unicorns!

The Unicorn, a legendary animal known for its graceful appearance and long spiralling horn from its head. Usually associated with mythological fantasies and magic, the Unicorn has now become quite the accessory. 

We are going through a phase at the moment where almost random objects or animals are becoming trends. Two recent examples of this include the moustache, from an ageing man's lip it jumped onto the high-street and was seen in both jewellery and on clothing. Another recent trend to make the fashion headlines is the cat, a hipster fuelled trend perhaps - but still, a selection of cat imagery caught on and once mixed with editing and graphics created some very individual looks. 

The idea of magic and surrealism is big right now, the sorbet colour palette links us to childhood, immaturity and fantasy. With the recent heat wave of galaxy prints and swirling patterns hitting the market, the Unicorn seems like an obvious choice of animal to incorporate. The Unicorn is a likeable animal, I mean I personally am not a fan of horses but Unicorns however - yeah I'd wear a Unicorn. Pegasus' and Unicorn's are just a darn sight cooler than the traditional horse. 

I really like the subtle and classy take ASOS have achieved in its Unicorn range, with a simple repetitive print it has made the magical print be able to be worn by the every day woman. This means that that lady in the oversized Unicorn t-shirt (you know who I mean) is no longer a weirdo from crazy land; she is in fact a trendsetter. Hard to believe I know but that's just how it goes sometimes, the vintage wolf jumpers did it and now its the Unicorn's turn to gallop on into the spotlight. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Leather Luxe

80's Leather & Suede Jacket £60
Studded 100% Leather Shorts £50
(Both 'With Love Betty')
Photography: Ellisha White