Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Katy's Current Tips: A/W Style

To prepare you all for the weather change I'd thought I'd just inform you of a few things you should probably be saving for. Everybody has their necessities for each season, my summer ones include a floral dress, sandles, a light weight cardigan etc. Winter however, is sometimes a little more difficult because you can't always just put on one item, you have to learn to layer them correctly, so how do you wear several garments at the same time and still stand out? 

Here is 3 tips to get you started on your A/W wardrobe - stay tuned because there are plenty more to come!

My first tip is one of my favourites; fur. For winter you will be needing some kind of fur, if it's faux - great, if it's real - even better. Fur never goes out of fashion, you can wear it with any bottoms and nowadays it comes in a wide selection of colours and types to choose from. Whilst transitioning into the cooler months however there's no need to go full fur, a big fur collar will do the job. It will dress up any outfit. You could wear it over almost any garment.

The second tip is for all you party-goers out there. Don't be chilly when wearing a skimpy dress on a night out, why not add some class (and some warmth) and team it with a stylish blazer. You can get blazers in any colour and any style. So don't you worry about looking too smart because all you need is a leather trim or some sparkle and suddenly a blazer is less powerpoint and more party. Blazers also don't have to cost a bomb - you can get lightweight ones or thicker ones, from high end designers to high street retailers from around £15. 

We all love a nice winter coat, but does yours show personality and make you stand out? This winter is all about the statement coat. The coat that you feel confident in, that you feel proud to walk down the street in. The coat that brightens up a grey high-street. There are plenty of these on the market so what are you waiting for!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Freshers Fete!

We had a great time meeting all of you freshers at the Freshers Fete yesterday!! The photos look great and we hope you had a good introduction to university life!
Make sure to check out all the photos on our facebook page.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bloggers We Love: Fanny Lyckman

We know there's no better way to spend a sunday other than eating croissant's, drinking tea and scrolling through endless style inspiration from blogs all over the world. 
This week, we have been catching up with our reading and have chosen our favourite blog to be Fanny Lyckman.

This big time blogger from sweden has a huge following of fashion fans due to her impeccable style and great attention to detail. Monochrome and splashes of colour seems to be a theme in all of Lyckman's outfits and it's definitely something we are taking inspiration from now! Right on trend!

Monochrome is a great trend to get in on. It's so easy and simple but a little tricky to get right. Instead of focusing on colour, you should focus on the cut of the clothing and how well it fits you as this will be the main flaw in your monochrome madness . The careful use of balancing colours in Lyckman's outfit above makes it the perfect combination of black and white. There is also limited use of pattern meaning the contrast between the colours isn't too offensive.

From monochrome to metallic, these cool shorts definitely caught our eye! Probably not suitable for the gym, but alas they are of course suitable for making a daring statement. Futuristic and daring is what we took from this outfit and we have sent out a search party to find some metallics! The net underneath give the outfit a 90's feel, and we love a bit of 90's.
Visit Fanny Lyckman's Blog Here.

So that's our favourite blog this week, what's your's? There's so many to choose from nowadays its hard to get through them all! So make sure you make enough tea to last you all day, you're going to need it!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Fur, Feathers or Faux

Fur, Feathers or Faux

Whichever one of the three you are into, Topshop have got some great buys for the A/W season. From gilet's to bomber jackets, all featuring a warm yet chic look that we will all expect to see much more of in the up and coming months. The variations I have shown below vary in price, some are affordable on a smaller budget and some are suitable for that once a year winter splash, (I think we all allow ourselves one or is that just me?). 

Fur is versatile and ideal for the winter, whether it's real or not - it still keeps you warm whilst looking effortlessly classy. I will post again with updates of fur as they are introduced deeper into the season! 

In the meantime, take a look at these current examples and maybe make some early preparations for the months ahead!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Freshers Fair!

Love the free gifts you get at Freshers Fair?

Well we will be there too!!

Come and grab some of our advise and flyers and talk to us about possible opportunities to come and work with us!

Do you sell stuff? Do you want to display your work?
Come and have a chat and tell us what you do!

Student freshers fair September 21st 2013

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Schooled

Dress for school. 
This time of year is flooded with school uniforms as the kids go back to school, the stereotypes you have in schools however do not end there. Two opposite trends are in their prime this season with the rebel and the head girl going head to head. 

Are you a fashion troublemaker? Do you like to stand out a bit and wear studs, tartan and branded t's. Well maybe the rebel look is for you. You can feminise this look or keep the tom boy edge but just a few simple accessories. 
However if you go for the classy tailored look, try out the pencil skirts and cable knit jumpers getting you in the mood for A/W 2013. Keep to the paler shades and the pastel tones. Tans, beiges and creams are great for the transition into Autumn. 
Today I used ASOS alone to source great affordable products to help you make these looks! 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Artists We Love: Foxes

Cute, talented and great with fashion, we are loving new emerging artists Foxes. The 22 year old singer from london is most definitely a star in the making and her new single 'Youth' is inspirational and great for a boost!

Mickey Mouse ears seem to be a running theme in her style and the flowery dresses and sequin leotards are definitely up the on our top style picks list!

What music are you loving at the moment?
Let us know!!!
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