Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Halloween

With Halloween approaching I'm sure you're all wondering what to wear and what to dress up as - I've already given you some outfit ideas so here is the makeup! Have a look at the photos I have posted and see if any could suit your costume. Whether you're going vampy or ghostly white - there's something for everyone.

There's no need to splash fake blood all over your face and slap on the white face paint - how about you go classy clown or sophisticated skele' this year and follow Vogue's advice on Halloween makeup.

This Halloween it's pale skin and wind swept hair that is at the forefront of the trend, with burnt colours eyes and dark lips to add contrast. Cheek bones are being enhanced and eyebrows darkened. If dark is not for you -go for silver and whitened cheeks - avoid the blush and push up the pale. 

Eye liner can be used as a sharp outline or as a smudged shadow to bring out your eyes and create a mysterious look. Why not avoid the pain of contacts and make your face high impact glam and gloom. 

The makeup can make such a massive difference to an outfit and these images from Vogue really do supply great examples of chic makeup for this season. 

Sunday, 27 October 2013


A lot of people find it hard to get new and original inspiration for their creations, but the truth is, it can come from absolutely anything! We have come up with a few tips to hopefully make it easier for you to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Where to find it?
Blogs are a good source for all kinds of inspiration although it is easy to waste time looking through ones that really are no help to you at all. Try to avoid these and instead, decide after the first page or two whether that site is going to be of any benefit. If not, move on to the next one. There is an increasing number of blogs now and so you have to be more picky with what is right for you!
Magazines like Vogue, Elle and i-D are all very large publications and while they are probably the most reliable and broad sources of information, sometimes it is better to look outside the box. Try to find some smaller mags that are more independent. Even if they are from another country it means that no one else will have the same ideas as you!
Costumes in movies will always be carefully thought out and a lot of the time specifically made for the characters. Think about why these decisions for the costumes were made and how they got to the finished product, then apply the same questions to your work.
Literature is something that most people forget about when looking for inspiration as it isn't in the form of pictures or films and isn't as easy to get quick fix solutions from. But more in depth ideas can come from it as it involves more brain work and more imagination! Old classics, new fiction. Anything that gets you going!

2. How to edit it down?
You will always find more information and material than you need so how do you cut it down? Yes you will have to show the start to finish thought process and how you got to where you did, but instead of including every single little snippet, just include the main or most significant points. This will still show how you got to your finished product, without having to sift through all the base work first!

3. Never stop looking!
Even though you have to be selective with what you include in your work, you can never enough just in your head! Whether you realise it or not, everything you look at will influence your final ideas and thoughts as your brain will remember it. Even if it feels like it's not specifically relevant at the time, just looking at it and storing it in the memory bank may help you at a later date!

4. Dealing with a block.
No matter how hard you try, sometime no ideas come to mind and the juice just isn't flowing at all! Take a break, relax and think through what you have found. Don't think too far into it thought as it will make it worse and will leave no room for accidental development of spontaneous ideas! Let the ideas flow!

5. Enjoy it!
You should enjoy looking for inspiration as hopefully is it because you are working on something you love doing! It shouldn't be a chore and the more you enjoy it, the easier it will be and the better your work will end up!!

We hope these tips help!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Amber

This weeks blog is based around our brand new collection of jewellery! It's all well and good coming into the store and seeing these little beauties but I thought I'd try and encourage you to make a special trip - especially if you have any gifts to purchase in the near future or with the run up to Christmas!

The company has been running for over 25 years and was founded in Poland, after making it big in Europe they decided to spread their wings and sell over seas to the UK and the US. When we were approached by a member of he team we were blown away by the quality of the products and when we found that they were linked to the Solent and study in Southampton we were very happy that we could help stock their work. 

They ride on a unique amber and silver combination, offering lower prices than most other outlets but keeping great quality throughout. We have a fantastic selection of silver rings all priced at £29 - the prices only support the quality of finish of these products and I can't stress enough how pleased we are to have them in stock for you all! 

We also have a variety of pendants with lots of different amber rocks and stones within, if you don't have a chain already we also have a wide range of chains to accompany your pendant. These are priced depending on weight, and measured very specifically. We also have similar stones in ring form - these are just great and very much a statement piece. 

So whether you're treating yourself or looking for a gift - bare KB Jewellery in mind and come give us a look :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Halloween!!


Everyone dresses up for Halloween - but if you're not intending on being a zombie or a dead bride this year how about you look in Topshop - I know, it's not what you would expect but the combination they have in stock for this years celebrations are great, ranging from socks to dresses and even to shoes. 

I particularly like the skeleton skirt and dress, the skirt is priced at £22.00 and the dress at £29.00, not breaking the bank AND you avoid that smelly plastic stench that comes from traditional fancy dress gear. They also have a jumpsuit and leggings in this pattern - a must have in my opinion!

Topshop have also placed some more Halloween coloured jumpers in this section - you could wear them at any time of the year but especially suited to coordinate them with your Halloween outfit!

The socks are generally listed at £3.50 each and I have already purchased a few pairs myself. I love Topshop socks, the originally patterns and designs make them so much more appealing. There are many in this range so have a look on their website and choose a pair to complete your outfit.

The ghoul lace up shoes I have shown here have been reduced to £30.00 at present and fit in perfectly with this style. There are obviously also a wide range of black shoes and boots throughout the Topshop website and others which would also suit the Halloween theme. 

I hope this has given you some insight into dressing up this year - I know I'll be using Topshop some what over the upcoming season! 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Creatives: Garry Jones Photography

Garry Jones is a photographer originally from Coventry, but moved here to study at Southampton Solent University on the photography course. He specialises in covering music events and festivals from small local raves to big festivals like Nass and The Big Chill. His extensive portfolio has many big name artist in it like Jessie J, which you can see in the Re.S0 shop, Chemical Brothers, Plan B, Andy C, Thom Yorke and many more. Another point of interest would be his skateboard photography where he captures dramatic and well timed shots. 

Garry's work is currently up in our gallery so why not come in and take a look?

Flickr -
Email -

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Katy's Current Tips: Tartan

Tartan crazy

We're all aware of the Tartan trend returning to our wardrobe this Autumn, well if you're not sure where to go - River Island have got all the check you could need. I've decided to focus on River Island due to the diverse range and affordable prices. From shirts to jackets and trousers to dresses - they're helping you dress up and down with the reliable check. With River Island being both reliable and affordable they have produced a great selection for all shapes, sizes and wallets! Not only have they produced the traditional Tartan wool garments they have also incorporated a wide range of other materials such as velvet, silk and chiffon.

We usually associate Tartan with Scotland but the origins spread from Austria to China. The earliest documented Tartan in Britian was from the 3rd century AD and found in Scotland, it was a simple check design using both dark and light wool. It is not until much later however when Tartan took the form we all know and love today with the striped or checkered plaids. 

Clan Tartans began at the 19th Century and were used to identify friend from foe during battles. In addition to this many Tartans were created for individuals, families, districts, institutions and corporations. In the Victorian and Edwardian eras fashion began taking a hold on the Tartan trend and it began to become less of a identity and more of an accessory. 

The punk fashion trend took off in the 1980's with punk, leather, studs and denim being the front runners. All of a sudden - Tartan had a completely different identity and was once again a statement piece. Throughout the years since Tartan has been in and out, but now more than ever IT IS BACK. 

So grab your shirt and stick on your leggings because it's time to go criss cross Tartan crazy. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Katy's Current Tips: A/W Tips 2

To extend your winter wardrobe here are a few more essentials! 

Firstly, SHINE! High shine fabrics such as PVC and metallics are huge this Autumn and Winter. You can get something like I have shown, pencil skirt style and dress it up or down. These beautiful garments can be paired with a plain jumper or tee, or dressed up with a cami and more sparkle. Either way, there are plenty of affordable shimmering items on the high street at the moment such as this skirt from Topshop. 

Secondly, leather. We all love leather. Leather never really goes out of date, it's hard wearing and good quality. Recently however, leather has taken a big turn with more complex designs and colours. Leather does not end at the jacket; dresses, skirts and tops are becoming more and more popular and I know that they are most certainly one of my winter essentials! This lovely green example is from ASOS.

Finally, the winter floral. Floral patterns don't have to end at Autumn, with winter flowers such as the snow drop still emerging over the coming months flowers are still in! With deep rich colours such as blue, emerald and burgundy - the flowers are still very much in bloom.