Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Nice Touch..

Hey guys, hope you've all had a good week! Hopefully most of you are looking forward to enjoying a well deserved bank holiday. 

Some of you may be planning on moving into your university accommodation soon, whether it be halls or a house. Or, you may be planning on returning to your old house from the Summer. Wherever you're living, whichever year you're in, it's important to make your living space as homely as possible. Having a unique touch in every room can really make a difference to your mood, and overall feel of your house. Although student houses don't always look exactly like a show-room in Ikea, the little things can make a room really stand out when compared with your neighbour's. And you don't need to spend a fortune either!

Here's a few of our favourite items in store right now, we think these will really add a bit of character and personality to your student accommodation.

Check out our cute table of goodies now in the middle of Re:So!
These pegs are great for hanging up photos, or pinning up important letters you might need on show
Moving in with some new housemates? Having some birthday cards around can come in handier than you think
Handbag essentials // New set of keys? Start personalising them with one of these gorgeous key rings for just £3.50
By Stina Stone

These handmade wooden spoons add a cute touch to any kitchen - by Stina Stone

Don't forget your living room - these cushions add a unique touch to your sofa - £20 - £25

Cute desk pick-me-ups - for those dissertation days where Summer feels a million years away..

Let us know your plans for the coming year! How will you be decorating your accommodation?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

One To Watch // The Gift

It's beginning to feel like Summer is slowly coming to it's final weeks..
We're almost at the end of August. Where has the time gone?!
The weather may have been a bit 'hit and miss', but there's some great films out at the moment which are perfect for a rainy day. One of our favourites at the moment is 'The Gift', which is currently showing at Odeon Southampton. 

The film is all about a couple who have just moved to a new house in a new town. You might think it sounds like the generic horror plot that seems to keep creeping into films at the moment - but it's not! The film is a thriller rather than a horror, which makes the whole film more exciting and different to the majority of films that have been released over the last couple of years. The film revolves around an unwanted guest who repeatedly leaves strange gifts at the new house. It really is  a must-see, and if you don't mind a few 'jump out of your seat' or 'grab onto your friend's arm' moments, then this film is for you. Check out the trailer.. 

We give it a 10/10!

Let us know what you think.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

University survival tips

You have taken the plunge of going to university, but don’t be scared! Here are some tips that I have learnt whilst being a student at Solent.

The question that I get asked all the time is how do you afford to live being a student? Fair enough if you can live comfortably with your loan or have support from your family but there will be a time when you are short of cash to spend. I try to think ahead of what bills to pay or food shopping before I splurge on myself. It is so easy to go wild when your loan appears in your account but it is supposed to keep you going for a few months! Don’t be silly and book a holiday because you will be left with no money to live on. Try to be sensible and think necessities rather than luxuries.

Without a doubt, the first year of university is ideal in halls of residences. It connects you with a wide range of people who share the same interests, courses and people to stick with throughout your time here. It can be a bit noisy and hectic at the start but it will die down once the courses start and the assignments take over. I was in Lucia Foster (party halls) for my first year and it was such a good experience. I've heard good things about the other halls such as Liberty Quays, Hamwic, Deanery, Chantry and Emily Davies.

Around December/January time, rented housing should be on your agenda. Everybody panics because they might not find anyone to live with straight away but situations change all the time with house mates so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Living in a house is much cosier, quieter and honestly makes you feel grown up.

What I would say is gather interest in the subject of housing to who you want to live with and start looking, ask second or third years what’s the best letting agencies and areas to live.

It is a balance you need to get right because you can go out all the time but you may not take as much care in your work, or you can study all day and night but you social life will take a downfall. I suggest doing your work but don’t overpower yourself so that you’re excluded from everyone else.  It is a self-exploring path so take each opportunity you can. There are plenty of bars, clubs and pubs for diverse tastes in Southampton so you will not get bored easily. You will soon find your favourite place to dance, the nights to go out and who are the best people to party with.

You will soon realise that attendance to lectures and seminars are vital to complete a piece of work containing all the facts. Lecturers are there for help but will not repeat lectures if you’re too hungover to come in. Try not to get too drunk the night before a lesson and feel the need to stay in because all your note taking will help towards your grade. Trust me, you will feel good knowing that you made it through a day of university when you had 10 jager bombs the night before.  If you want some more guidance, your lecturer’s doors are always open!

As mentioned before, it is hard to find money for all your needs so employment would be ideal. There are a lot of bar work and promotional jobs for clubs available so if you wanted to earn a little bit of cash, this a great avenue especially throughout holidays. I worked at Oceana nightclub for a few months and it helped a lot.

If you want a part time job outside of this, just keep looking on, West Quay shopping centre or campus jobs at the university. If you need help with your CV, there is a lot of information on the Solent website if you require it. Southampton is a large city so there are buses and trains if you wanted to go more a field.  


I remember my first night out as a fresher and it was like a new world. It will take some time before you find your best place to go out. Don’t let other students tell you not to go to a specific club because it is up to you! Not going to lie, a lot of clubs promise they are the best club but doesn't fulfil it due to overpriced drinks, repetitive songs and obnoxious customers.

Try to experience the clubs through the freshers events then you will see where you would want to go again and not. You will soon gather a following of people who agree with you and find a better venue.

University is all about exploration and experience, it will feel weird being in new place for the first month or two but it is one of the best decisions of my life and will definitely test your character. Just remember there are thousands of students in your situation trying to adjust to university life. Don't be discouraged and embrace your new student life!

Thank you for reading :-)

Intern Blogger- Latifah Cain-Greaves (Writing Fashion and Culture Student) 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Time for tie-dye..

Another one of our favourite trends, is tie-dye. We have some great items in store which can help you recreate some of these amazing looks.. they are also brilliant for those last minute Summer festivals you might still have planned.

It might be a while before we can afford designer tie-dye.. but for now we'll do our best to keep you sorted! Our items are all great value and can be put together in so many different ways to create a different look.

We love Vanessa Hudgen's take on this look - you can find our pink tie-dye skirt in Re:So!

We've also got a selection of T-Shirts - pair it up with a matching tie-dye scrunchie

£12.50 - Milk and Cat - bargain!

Try out a colour clash with our tie-dye accessories

Come to Re:So & check them out, or leave a comment letting us know if you have a favourite item.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Results Day!

We hope you're all having a good week, despite the disappointing weather.. where are you, Summer?

Of course today is results day, for all those who have just completed their A-Levels. For some of you, that day might feel like forever ago! And for others, you might even be planning on coming to Southampton for your degree.. we hope so!

It's been an exciting year for the students on the Fashion courses here at Solent, and many have worked closely with Re:So throughout their studies, providing our store with some great stock. If you're contemplating completing a Fashion course at Solent, or even if you missed the End of Year show for our Fashion Management students, check out the video below!

Let us know your thoughts..

Monday, 10 August 2015

90's Throwback!

When was the last time you wore a scrunchy? You might be a massive fan of the trend already or might be unsure if you can pull them off.. but we think you're never too old to wear one. Here's a few of our unique vintage scrunchies from Hannah Lloyd and Dib Dab.. 

Still need some inspiration? Here's some of our favourite looks worn by celebrities..

Convinced yet? Come into Re:So and check them out.. we've also changed our layout too, so you can find our scrunchies on your way in!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Long time no see..

It's been a while since our blog has updated you all on the latest happenings with Re:So, but we're back to give you an update on the latest collections and exciting upcoming plans for the next year.

The store is looking incredible at the moment, and if you're home for the Summer or haven't had a chance to pop in and have a look at our latest items, keep reading! Our collections are better than ever and if you want to see what you could get your hands on next term, or if you fancy treating yourself, pop in and have a look at our bits and bobs at the moment.

This post is going to give you an insight into our favourite pieces at the moment, and of course things you can't find anywhere else on the high street in Southampton!


As you walk into store, you'll see our collection "Tainted" on the right. For those of you who don't know, this collection was created by Fashion Management and Marketing students from Southampton Solent. It's one of our favourite ranges in-store and offers an edgy, unique style to girls who fancy something a bit different.


Also near the front of the store, we've placed a table featuring the collection ENVY LKB, and some beautiful Bohemian Jewellery tattoo transfers. If you need a last minute clutch to go with your weekend dress, or fancy a different nail colour, then you could find one here on your way in. The transfer tattoos are also beautiful, so on trend for Summer and also perfect for festival season. 


One of our favourite and most popular collections is, of course, With Love Betty. All items are pre-loved, vintage, and unique compared to most other options on Southampton's high street. Here's what we have in the collection at the moment..

10% Student Discount! How can you refuse..

Must have vintage denim shorts - essential for Summer

Vintage pink flared trousers, so unique and such a bargain at £12!

We have so many unique and quirky items in at the moment, which would be brilliant at perking up a new student house if you've just moved in somewhere new. Here's some ideas..

These pegs are supplied by Stina Stone - we think they are perfect for hanging up photos

Cute jars for just £2 each - great for stationary or any other study essentials


What are your favourite items at the moment? Let us know..