Thursday, 26 November 2015

Night With Dr Kate Bethune - Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty.

"Bringing Savage Beauty to the V&A was really a homecoming" 

A handful of people were lucky enough to get tickets to spend an evening with Dr Kate Bethune Senior Research Assistant for the Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Exhibition. 

This night was insightful, Kate showed images and spoke about what happened behind the scenes before the exhibition was shown in Spring 2015. 
Kate spoke about how McQueen frequently visited the V&A Archives and took inspiration from the past in fashion. Anybody can go and see the stored collections with just an appointment. 

The V&A really wanted their exhibition to have rare pieces and items that hadn't been seen before. This process was hard as at the beginning of McQueen's career he didn't have much money so would pay people with garments. However as these people were so loyal to him and were proud of his success they were happy to hand pieces over to be displayed. They were inundated with people offering over their pieces and had to turn people away as they had so many items. 

When designing the layout for the items to be displayed they thought hard about how McQueens collections were powerful and strong and wanted this to show through with the aesthetics of the room.  They wanted the rooms to feel as if you were inside his catwalk shows, immersed with theatrics and drama. They decided not to put writing and information about every piece in the collection as it would draw the eye away from the overall look of the room and the items spoke for themselves. 

This was a great evening if you ever by chance get to attend or talk to Dr Kate Bethune I urge you too. She has love and passion for this exhibition and is so happy with the success Savage Beauty has received.