Friday, 12 February 2016

Last Minute Valentines Gifts

Ahhhh forgot Valentines day was this weekend?! 
Don't worry Re:So have got you covered. 

Small cute gifts that won't break the bank. 

Hand Crafted Pegs - Stina Stone £5 

Cute little pegs which would look great on some string with pictures of you and your partner or even just you and friends. 

Postcard I Love You - Jason Twinn £2 

This postcard is perfect and so original, Would look lovely in a photo frame after valentines day and would always have a hidden letter behind it only the receiver would know. 

Little Pin Board - Re:So £3 

A unique present you can personalise your self by adding notes or jokes between you two or adding pictures or tickets from places you have been. 

Red Clutch Bag - Envy LKB £15 

Thinking of going out for valentines day why not go red just for occasion! This beautiful clutch is a perfect size and could even fit in a small umbrella. You wouldn't want to ruin your hair with this horrible weather we've been having. 

Bright Lip - Re:So £19.95 

Great unisex piece with something a little different. Could be worn any day but a lovely gift symbolising love. 

Scrabble Keyring - EFSK £6 

Just want a little something to symbolise the day? This is perfect available in many letters could buy for you initial or your partners. Cute present they can carry with them everyday. 

Just a few Valentine pieces for you and many more in the shop. 
Don't forget to pop in to have a look, We are constantly adding new pieces to the store. 

Speak Soon 
Re:So Team 

Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites

Can't believe a month of 2016 has already flown by! Crazy how fast it has gone. 
Anyway I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite items in the Re:So shop at the moment. 
All these items are still available for you to get your hands on!

Stina Stone Hand Painted Cooking Utensils - £6 

These are perfect for a pick me up when cooking the healthy food in the new year. They come in various colours so would look cute if you could match them to your kitchen.
Tip: Those kind of spatulas are great for pancakes!

Noodles Lion Babygrow - £15 

One of the cutest things I've ever seen. Brilliant baby grow to transition into the hotter months. They come in a range of sizes and different designs. This one was my favourite the lions face is just so cute. 

Creative Biscuit Toilet Stickers £3.95 

If you're into your graffiti or just love something a little quirky this brand will be right up your street. They offer a range of unique drawings in posters, sticker and even books. I was so interested by these, every time you look at them you notice another detail you didn't see before they are so intricate for the price you are getting absolute quality. Complete Bargain! 

Aubergine Fox Honeycomb Bear Necklace - £15

Gold simple change with a geometric bear pattern. This necklace looks create paired with a dark top as the overall design stands out and looks amazing. This necklace is a small step on the ladder of statement necklaces. 

Yoke Shyoke Grey Crop Top £21

A classic staple item for any wardrobe. Made with a thick quality material you know this is going to last you. looks great paired with high waisted blue jeans for a casual look or with a nice pencil skirt for the night. It's time to ditch the black and go for grey! 

These were just a few picks I loved from inside the Re:So shop. Let me know if you buy anything or have seen something you loved as well! 

Speak soon 

Meg - Re:So Team