Friday, 12 February 2016

Last Minute Valentines Gifts

Ahhhh forgot Valentines day was this weekend?! 
Don't worry Re:So have got you covered. 

Small cute gifts that won't break the bank. 

Hand Crafted Pegs - Stina Stone £5 

Cute little pegs which would look great on some string with pictures of you and your partner or even just you and friends. 

Postcard I Love You - Jason Twinn £2 

This postcard is perfect and so original, Would look lovely in a photo frame after valentines day and would always have a hidden letter behind it only the receiver would know. 

Little Pin Board - Re:So £3 

A unique present you can personalise your self by adding notes or jokes between you two or adding pictures or tickets from places you have been. 

Red Clutch Bag - Envy LKB £15 

Thinking of going out for valentines day why not go red just for occasion! This beautiful clutch is a perfect size and could even fit in a small umbrella. You wouldn't want to ruin your hair with this horrible weather we've been having. 

Bright Lip - Re:So £19.95 

Great unisex piece with something a little different. Could be worn any day but a lovely gift symbolising love. 

Scrabble Keyring - EFSK £6 

Just want a little something to symbolise the day? This is perfect available in many letters could buy for you initial or your partners. Cute present they can carry with them everyday. 

Just a few Valentine pieces for you and many more in the shop. 
Don't forget to pop in to have a look, We are constantly adding new pieces to the store. 

Speak Soon 
Re:So Team 

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